155 Dining

For anyone in town looking for a relaxed bistro-style lunch or dinner away from the party scene of Hirafu, look no further than 155 Dining. The restaurant was recently started by Yumi, owner and chef, who was raised on the cooking styles her mother taught her, and dag nabbit I’m a fan. You will find it a little up the hill and across the street from one of the more popular Izakayas – Ebisutei, with parking spaces to spare. Prices are reasonable, if not lower than anything you’ll find further up the mountain. The ambiance is unabashedly homely, and from what you’ll probably soon understand after entering, is that it actually is Yumi’s home. Don’t let that scare you – it’s not like she’s strewn her clothes about. Instead, what you will find is that the place is unpretentious and welcoming, just like visiting any other Japanese family’s house, if you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing such a thing. Also, please don’t think that you’re going to be cramped in such a space. This place has a nice 2 story vaulted ceiling, accented crossbeams, fans, and is far away from the cramped feeling you might expect a Japanese house to be like. But if you really need the space, Yumi has a private party room to host guests that want a solid amount of privacy for themselves. I have managed to fit a group of 12 in that room in the past. Take it from me – A friend and neighbor of 155 dining. The food and prices are spot on. Whether you’re travelling solo (it’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with Yumi), as a couple (the music is classy!), or as a group (plenty of seating and a private party room), 155 is my top recommendation.


Hokkaidō, Abuta-gun, Kutchan-chō, Yamada, 155 044-0081

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