Aji no Tokeidai

Aji no Tokeidai is a must-see famous Hokkaido Ramen restaurant chain next to Kutchan Station where you’ve got to try the Hotate Butter Corn Ramen! Hokkaido is famous for its amazing Chinese-influenced Ramen noodles and Aji no Tokeidai is one of the best! Established in 1986 this Hokkaido ramen chain serves a well priced selection of ramen, gyoza (Chinese style dumpling), rice dishes, set meals and more. If you are looking for special ramen in cold winter, try Hotate Butter Corn ramen made with extra large scallops. This mouth-watering dish goes well with ramen giving it an even richer taste, with the corn adding just the right sweetness. There are over ten types of ramen available and it’s possible to add extras such as eggs and a double serving of noodles for the extra hungry. Price per person: 600yen-1400yen. For ramen lovers Aji no Tokeidai sells ingredients so that you can make your own ramen dishes at home. Aji no Tokeidai is 1500m from JR Kutchan Station, near Homac Kutchan.


Hokkaido, Abuta District, Kutchan, Minami 11 Jonishi, 1 Chome

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