Powder Company

Powder Company provides expert guidance for all level skiers and snowboarders established in 1999 with headquarters in Niseko Annupuri Ski Ground

Niseko Fine Friends

Niseko Fine Friends are is a well trained and fun-lovin’ winter sports instruction outfit ready to take you for some adventure


Bouken Kazoku

Bouken Kazoku located just outside Hirafu on the way to Kutchan is a delightful small Japanese family-run restaurant/lodging/activity centre renovated from the former school


J Sekka Gym

J-Sekka Gym is your well equipped go-to gymnasium facility in Hirafu Village located in Central Village


Image Works

Image Works headquartered in Niseko Town provides one of the most popular guided sidecountry, backcountry and telemark skiing excursions and lessons with videotaping services


Mt. Moiwa

Mount Moiwa Ski Resort, with some of the world’s best and abundant powder snow boasts a peak of 816m high, with walk up hiking trail access and a relaxed atmosphere. Mt. Moiwa is located west of Mount Annupuri with a two lift ski ground and snow reaching up to 4 meters. This small yet fun-packed location has a wide ranging …


Niseko 343

Niseko 343 located in the Central Hirafu Village is a popular go-to for skilled guiding on sidecountry and backcountry skiing tours. These guides know their stuff with great local experience of the mountains taking you to off-trail classified ski sites. Niseko 343 Mountain Coordinate (343 MC) offers a wide range of programs from back country skiing to basic lift-accessible powder …


Loaf Lounge

Loaf Lounge is the place to chill out after hitting the mountains including a skateboard park and cafe located in Kutchan. Loaf Lounge is a trendy “K Town” cafe with relaxed seating plans including comfortable couches and a counter for individual or group seating. Here’s a place to get a great cup of coffee or tea, with sweets and alcoholic beverages …


Kutchan Gym

Kutchan Gym gets you fit with a full-on facility for you and your friends including sport courts, tracks, weight rooms, martial arts training rooms, gym equipment … the list goes on, located nearby JR Kutchan Station


Hotel Niseko Alpen Karaoke

Hotel Niseko Alpen Karaoke located in the Upper Hirafu Village provides great fun and a change from the slopes with private karaoke booths