Kira Kira

Completed in early 2009, this boutique building has Studio, 2 Bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments available, making it ideal for a range of group sizes


First Tracks

The original Hokkaido Tracks apartment building, First Tracks was constructed in 2003. Located just meters from the ‘Ace’ family pair lift; you are on the run soon after you step out your door



Completed in December 2008, this boutique block of 4 apartments represent one of the finest, most well-appointed offerings from the ‘Sekka Style’ team


Deep Tracks

Located just 200 meters from the main gondola, these hugely popular apartments were constructed in 2004.

Each apartment offers warm, cosy interiors and an abundance of natural light and superior levels of privacy


Yama Shizen

The Yama Shizen complex comprises 39 apartments in two buildings. Completed in 2007 (West Building) and 2008 (East Building), Yama Shizen is also the home to Hokkaido Tracks Holidays. Located approx



Kisetsukan, meaning ‘A Sense of the Seasons’, is a collection of 9 apartments located in the village. Completed in late 2008, Kitsetsukan is just steps away from the shuttle bus, Yukuro Onsen


Niseko Alpine Developments [NISADE]

Nestled amongst the snows in the heart of the ski village Niseko-Hirafu, Nisade’s boutique properties deliver for discerning travellers. Situated in Niseko Hokkaido, Japan, in Asia’s #1 year round international ski resort