Holiday Pair Lift #1

Holiday Pair Lift #1 is an ideal lift for beginners and pros with its central location in Grand Hirafu Ski Ground as a circle of aerial two-seats-lift chairs without hood


King Lift #4

King Lift #4 in the Grand Hirafu, the 526-meter long single-seat lift without a hood, gains 153 meters in height in approximately four minutes


Ace Pair Lift #3

Ace Pair Lift #3 is an aerial two-seat lift without a hood and 881 meters length, and gains about 169 meters in height with a five-minute ride


Ace Pair Lift #1

Ace Pair Lift #1 in Grand Hirafu, an aerial two-seat lift without hood is 626 meters long and gains about 110 meters in height in approximate six minutes

King Quad Lift #2

King Quad Lift #2 is an aerial lift with four seats each chair and 1,139 meters long, and gains about 328 meters in height with an approximate five-minute ride


King Pair Lift #1

King Pair Lift #1 in Grand Hirafu Ski Ground is an uncovered aerial two-seat lift chair 582 meters length and gains 110 meters in height in about four minutes, with two aerials in operation


Mate Kids Park

Mate Kids Park is a delightful children’s playground that will make for happy parents as well, right in the Grand Hirafu Ski Field


Java Massage

Java Massage is the perfect getaway from snowy slopes into a cozy warm space to relax muscles, located in the Central Hirafu Village. Get quality treatments from¬†trained staff who have¬†your relaxation in mind, and come away refreshed. Enjoy how soft your skin is after these wonderful massages, and we know you’ll be back for more! It is about five minutes …

Hotel J-First Niseko

Hotel J First Niseko onsen and hot springs baths located in the Upper Village of Hirafu is currently closed for business. Contact Information: Phone: 0136 22 2350 Intl Ph: +81 (0)136 22 2350   Location 208 Yamada, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0081

Ace Quad Lift #2 Center 4

Ace Quad Lift #2 Center 4 is the place to find early risers for the freshest powder where you head up the slope in uncovered aerial four-seat lift chairs in Grand Hirafu Ski Ground