Niseko Fromage Cheese Factory

Niseko Fromage, Niseko’s delightful cheese factory produces local prizewinning cheeses in heady flavors made from high quality local fresh milk. Where do you begin with all these tasty choices such as their own Crispy Cheese hit plus goudas, string cheeses, camemberts and sweet cream cheese! Seki Akira, cheesemaker for Niseko Fromage trained extensively, establishing his own factory in Setana. He’s …


Izakaya Sencho 2nd

Izakaya Sencho 2nd, located in the Upper Hirafu Village brings us the freshest of seafood dishes, owned by a sencho fishing boat captain who is always happy seeing customers’ smiles, that motivates him for another catch! Izakaya Sencho offers the absolute best fresh prawn and shellfish sashimi, tempura plates, nabe dishes (hot pots), boiled and grilled crabs, steaks and seafood salads. Izakaya Sencho …


Kabuki 2

Kabuki 2 is your cozy eatery with delicious Japanese cuisine specializing in Teppanyaki, right in Central Hirafu Village


Aji no Tokeidai

Aji no Tokeidai is a must-see famous Hokkaido Ramen restaurant chain next to Kutchan Station where you’ve got to try the Hotate Butter Corn Ramen


Wagyu Dining Sou

Wagyu Dining Sou is a Japanese Restaurant specializing in hot-pot dishes such as sukiyaki, shabushabu and kimuchi nabe., locateted in Hirafu lower village.


Fuji Sushi

Fuji Sushi Niseko, an outlet of famous sushi restaurant Fuji sushi in Shakotan Town, proudly offers authentic Japanese sushi and Japanese cuisine in the middle of the mountain area at a reasonable price. Fresh seafood is daily delivered from the shores of Shakotan and Otaru, so visitors can enjoy a wide variety of food, such as sushi, tempura, Hokkaido dishes, …

Ichimura Handcut Soba

Ichimura Handcut Soba  is known for traditionally made soba and tempura enjoyed by locals and visitors alike and you can find this famous soba restaurant located at the Izumikoyo 1 T-junction before Kutchan. Ichimura Handcut Soba gets packed quickly especially on weekends in winter with five tables and a Tatami mat room. All the classic soba dishes here are made from originally grown Kitawase buckwheat from …


M’s Cafe

M’s Cafe at Seison Club offers a great all-round Japanese experience for foreign travelers, with a heart to promote all the great local Hokkaido produce, agriculture and seafood ingredients found in the area


Restaurant Yo

Restaurant Yo located at the Hurry Slowly Condominium in the Lower Hirafu Village is considered one of the best traditional Japanese restaurants in the Hirafu ski resort with a wonderfully relaxed ambience

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Niseko You You Park

Niseko You You Park is just the place for you with souvenir shops, a dog friendly cafe, craft programs and a great atmosphere located in the Soga suburbs