Izakaya Sencho 1st

Izakaya Sencho 1st located in the Central Hirafu Village is a popular Izakaya specialty seafood spot run by an authentic “sencho” fishboat captain for over 17 years


Yawaraya Teppanyaki Izakaya

Yawaraya Teppanyaki Izakaya is devoted to quality preparation of traditional Japanese cuisine located in Middle Village Hirafu


Izakaya Sencho 2nd

Izakaya Sencho 2nd, located in the Upper Hirafu Village brings us the freshest of seafood dishes, owned by a sencho fishing boat captain who is always happy seeing customers’ smiles, that motivates him for another catch! Izakaya Sencho offers the absolute best fresh prawn and shellfish sashimi, tempura plates, nabe dishes (hot pots), boiled and grilled crabs, steaks and seafood salads. Izakaya Sencho …


Don Don Donburi Restaurant

Don Don Donburi Japanese style restaurant is a great reasonably priced eatery serving authentic and popular donburi


A-Bu-Cha 2

A-Bu-Cha 2, located in the Upper Hirafu Village, opens as a cafe for lunch time and an izakaya for dinner time


Wild Bill’s is one of the biggest and most lively bars in the Niseko area, and is a popular venue for its live music and DJ events, free pool table and excellent food