Niseko Village Ski Ground

Reach the limits at Niseko Village Ski Ground lying between Grand Hirafu and Annupuri in Niseko United with 27 ski runs and six chair lifts that will take you to 1,170 meter heights


Rusutsu Ski Ground

The Rusutsu Ski Ground shouldn’t be missed with its three exciting mountain locations at Mt. Isola, Mt. East and Mt. West including 37 ski runs, 3 gondolas, 15 chair lifts and an extensive hotel complex


Ace Family Pair Lift

Ace Family Pair Lift is a step away for your winter getaway up and down the slopes, conveniently located in the Grand Hirafu Ski Ground with a few-minute walking access to the Central Hirafu Village. Ace Family Pair Lift is convenient for skiers and snowboarders staying nights in the Central Village or for errands at the Village such as general …

King Hooded Triple Lift #3

King Hooded Triple Lift #3 in Grand Hirafu Ski Ground is an exciting 1,186-meter long aerial three-seat lift with a hood cover that gains about 286 meters in height in about five minutes


Niseko Weiss Ski Ground

Niseko Weiss is the perfect place for intermediate powder seekers looking for their first Cat Boarding experience. There are no groomed courses here, just simply lots of untracked fresh powdery snow


Hanazono Ski Ground

The Hanazono Ski Ground is the easternmost of the Niseko United ski grounds, with a total of eight ski runs and three chair lifts (two of which are hooded), and a peak lift-accessible height of 1,034 meters


Annupuri Ski Ground

Discover the Annupuri Ski Ground on the west side of Niseko United and in Niseko Annupuri (The Mountain)


Niseko Grand Hirafu

Niseko actually consists of three areas; Grand Hirafu, Annupuri and Hanazono, all linked together by lifts at the top of the mountain and shuttle buses at the bottom. The main entry point for most is Grand Hirafu