Gentemstick Niseko Showroom

Niseko, it contains some of the world’s snowiest, most powder rich slopes. There lives the visionary Taro Tamai and his powerful Gentem Stick. He is a gifted snowboarder who understands the depth of experience which can be found in the sport of snowboarding. So… Perfect powder: Check Gifted rider: Check What’s missing? How about the ultimate board? Don’t worry, it comes with the territory. Taro Tamai has spent a great deal of time crafting boards that close the distance between the rider and the ground beneath. It’s possible that riding one of his boards could give one the experience of gliding through the air. What makes Taro Tamai’s designs so unique? Well, his designs are based on the sensation of surfing. Prior to his designs, most boards were produced for utility and possibly overlooked the subtleties of the bottom of the board. This point is essentially the meeting point between the rider and the snow, or rather the point of interaction between the self and nature. With this design aspect in mind Taro Tamai produces his famous boards, and has built a name that is growing momentum. His boards are unique and quite well suited for the conditions of Niseko’s powder.

Gentem sticks maybe purchased in many locations throughout Japan, including most major cities. Their products can be also purchased through their online store or at their dealers contracted with Gentem. Sapporo and Asahikawa regions have two dealers each and a retailer is located in Kiroro. The are many models from which to chose from along with color and skins.

Taro Tamai also runs a cafe from his showroom. Gentem Showroom and Cafe is located in Kabayama, between Hirafu Village and Niseko Village.  Gentem cafe specialises in Asian cuisines.  You can drop in the cafe for dinner after searching for your unique snowboard at the showroom, and hopefully if you’re lucky you may meet a master snowboard crafter.



63-26 Kabayama, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0078

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