Hokkaido Resorts Group

Hokkaido Resorts Group offers world class lodgings tastefully suited to your events and excursions. Exciting and unique, each location offers something for everyone. Hokkaido Resorts Group has become one of the most exciting destination ventures, combining leading edge resort management with some of the most dedicated and gifted people you could find. From world class ski instructors to artisans to simply great people who love to serve, we have shared a passion to preserve some of the most unique places you can find on the globe. Our developments host world renowned sites such as Usu Geopark. We share a respect and excitement in being committed to the preservation of these areas while providing unforgettable, authentic travel experiences. HRG delivers the utmost in value, providing your stay with unsurpassable hospitality.


049-5813 Hokkaido Abuta Gun, Toyako-Cho, Takarada 9-3

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