Holiday Pair Lift #1

Holiday Pair Lift #1 is an ideal lift for beginners and pros with its central location in Grand Hirafu Ski Ground as a circle of aerial two-seats-lift chairs without hoods. Holiday Pair Lift #1 sits near the base of Grand Hirafu by the Grand Hirafu Mountain Center. The 669-meter long ski lift gains about 123 meters in height with 6-minute rides. Since it is located near to the base and adjoining two easy runs, the lift is ideal for beginners including children and also skiers and snowboarders who start with easy runs in the beginning of the day before hitting higher slopes. Adjoining Boyo Run is 700 meters in length with an average 20 degree slope. Close by is another accessible ski run called the Kogen Run whose maximum of 16 degrees slope.


204 Yamada, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture 044-0081

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