Popular Kanro-sui or “Niseko water” is mineral water collected at Sakamoto Koen (Park) in Niseko Town. Kanro-sui was named after Showa Emperor’s quote of “the water tastes of Kanro” when he visited the region in August 1954 as an official trip to Hokkaido observing post-war conditions. Sakamoto Koen Park is located opposite Niseko Grand Hotel and has become famous for its superior quality mineral water. This naturally sweet water can be collected free of charge 24 hours 7 days a week. The water spring is naturally surrounded by woods and is widely used by local restaurants and bakeries for cooking and baking. Local residents prize the water, using it for making coffee and cooking rice. Many visitors come to Sakamoto Park to collect water on weekends. At the Niseko Grand Hotel, bottles of Kanro-sui are available in guest rooms and at the lobby reception desk. Kanro-sui’s spring is located in Konbu Onsen Area and to get to Sakamoto Park, it takes about 10 minutes drive from JR Niseko Station. Bus services are available from JR Niseko Station. Catch a bus to Konbu Onsen and the park is just by the Sakamoto Koen bus stop.


412 Niseko, Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1511

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