L’ocanda – Italian restaurant

L’ocanda is a family-owned cozy torattoria (Italian restaurant) which has recently opened at the gateway to Hirafu in Niseko. A team of brothers–the older makes Italian dishes and the younger is in charge of desserts–uses the freshest ingredients from the bounty of Hokkaido. The popular Lunch Course B starts with homemade breads and a fresh salad. You almost feel full with a generous portion of pasta, but the dessert is out of the world as well. Once you enter this large log cabin style restaurant, the staff welcomes you with warm smiles and excellent service. When you enter the hall you will first find eye-pleasing, colorful cakes and jams displayed in the showcase which makes you anticipate dessert. Each season you can enjoy a wonderful view of Hirafu from the bright restaurant full of natural light during the day. At night the restaurant also offers a romantic atmosphere perfect for a date. A fan is installed on the vaulted ceiling and fresh flowers are arranged in every corner of the restaurant to provide a comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant is fully-stocked with wines perfect for guests who would like to enjoy wine together with their meal. The restaurant is a perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner on the weekend as there is a large parking space. This is a wonderful restaurant for people who would like to enjoy time with family and friends while enjoying the excellent meals Niseko has to offer with heartwarming service. The wide variety of available desserts is great for souvenirs as well. — Wine List — –Sparkling Wine– 1. Duca di Salaparuta Brut/Riserva (Itally)…¥2,600 2. Larmandier Bernier (France) … ¥8,000 –White Wine– 1. Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2011 (Italy)… ¥2,600 2. Barone Ricasoli Toricella 2011 (Italy)… ¥5,500 3. Terra Vin Sauvignon Branc 2009 (New Zealand)… ¥4,500 4. Neringa Chardonnay 2008 (Australia)… ¥7,500 –Red Wine– 1. San Lorenzo 2010 (Italy) … ¥2,600 2. Brancatelli Dedicato 2010 (Italy) … ¥3,600 3. Bolgheri Rosso 2007 (Italy)… ¥5,500 4. Spezieri 2010 (Italy) … ¥3,000 5. Moon Vine 2010 (Australia)… ¥4,000 6. Pinga 2010 (Australia)… ¥6,000 Payment method: Cash only


76-12, Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 0440081

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