Nihon Harmony Resort

Nihon Harmony Resort with its view-packed courses is an all out excursion dream location in the Hanazono Area providing the most in winter activity tours around the area. Nihon Harmony Resort offers five fabulous guided snowmobile tours: Free Ride Course, Rabbit Course, Panorama Course, Ocean View Course and Race Session as well as its Snowmobile Lesson. Rabbit Course takes you to the well maintained snowmobile park in the Hanazono gold course including an exhilarating 30-minute bush session with a guide. On the 60-minute Panorama Course you pass through the area of the Rabbit Course to Hanazono Farmland powder snow. 90 minute Ocean View Course passes through Rabbit and Panorama Courses to breath-taking views of Japan Sea. Minimum eligible age for snowmobile tours and lesson is 13 and individual rides must be assisted. Beginners are permitted on the Rabbit Course and those with more ability can be taken to Panorama or Ocean View Course. Race Sessions can be registered with groups of four to eight people and include memorial T-shirts. Free Ride and Rabbit Courses are to check in between 9:30 and 15:30, and Panorama and Ocean View Courses start at 10:30 and 13:30. All courses and lessons can accommodate up to eight people and are held weather permitting. More fun-packed winter activities include Snow Rafting, Snow Tubing, Sledding, Zip-Line and Snowshoeing. Snow Rafting is held at Shribeshi River. Get ready for a raw nature adventure with everything from observing footprints of small animals and birds to breath-taking views and clean mountain air. During the tour, savor hot coffee or tea at River Bank. Requirements include wearing ski or snowboard jackets and it is suggested to bring a hat, sunglasses and goggles. Cameras and/or binoculars are suggested items to bring, however not the responsibility of the facility. Rafting equipment, dry suits, gumboots, gloves and warm socks are provided by the tour operator. The tour starts at 9:30 and finishes at 13:00, costs 7,000 yen per person and can accommodate two to seven. Minimum eligible age for the tour is 12 years. All participants must meet at Hanazono 308, 10 minutes prior to the departure time. Activity combo courses are also available: Snow Tubing Set with zip-line, and Sledding Set with zip-line. Snowshoeing tours’ participants must be 13 years or older. Snowshoeing equipment rentals available. Snowshoeing tours include rental equipment. Bookings for tours and lesson are taken at Hanazono 308 where you will check in for your tour/lesson.


328 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

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