Niimi Onsen at Niimi Honkan

Niimi Honkan Inn, the “Secret Hot Spring” marks its 100th anniversary in 2012 serving as a base for spa treatment seekers, day visitors, and nature lovers alike throughout the year. Niimi Honkan Inn with its catchy red roof is one of two accommodation facilities in this quiet and secluded village located in Rankoshi Town, Niseko. Niimi Honkan proudly uses 100 % pure hot spring water with a high mineral content directly from the source. With two types of spring waters available – sulfate springs and calcium magnesium hydrocarbon, these restorative waters serve as treatments for rheumatism, gout, high blood pressure, skin diseases and more. Niimi Honkan Onsen is pleased to offer a wide variety of bath types such as open-air baths, indoor baths (two types each for men and women), falling water, supersonic wave bath and steam mist sauna. The natural spring water is not only good for soaking but also drinking. Notice: the space at the public bath is limited. Depending on the number of reservations, day visitors may not be able to enter. Niimi Honkan Inn welcomes their guests with homemade food made from fresh local produce and heartfelt hospitality. Niimi Honkan Inn offers various accommodation plans; 1) weekday plan: starting ¥8,000 (1 rooms 2 guests + 2 meals,dinner and breakfast per night), child rate ¥5,500 2) weekend plan: starting ¥9,000 (1 rooms 2 guests + 2 meals,dinner, breakfast per night) child rate ¥6,500 3) special discount plan available for long stay guests (1 room 2 guests + 3 meals) 4) no meal plans are also available Hours: 8 am-9 pm open daily, all year round. Prices:¥500 adults, ¥300 Junior High school children, ¥200 elementary school children ¥100 toddlers of 1 year or older Resting room: ¥3000 per room (10:00 ~ 16:00 ) Niimi Honkan Inn is approximately 45 minutes from Niseko, and 15 minute drive from Rankoshi Station, about 2 hours drive from Sapporo.


1 Niimi, Rankoshi, Isoya District, Hokkaido 048-1327

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