Niseko View Plaza

Niseko View Plaza is a Japanese “Road Station”, a government sponsored rest stop with shopping, restaurants public washrooms, etc. all in one convenient complex for those traveling Hokkaido’s beautiful roads. In summer you can expect to see the expansive complimentary car park full of bicycles, groups of leather-clad motorcyclists, families in camping cars, couples out for a drive, and locals picking up some fresh produce. In winter skiers and snowboarders will be stopping by for some warm food or drinks. The farmer’s market features produce from over sixty farms in the area all gathered under one roof, with short bios of the farmers and where each product came from. From fresh vegetables to seasonal specialties, Niseko View Plaza guarantees high quality food at good prices. Food stalls serve a variety of local dishes, such as butter potatoes, soft serve ice cream, and BBQ corn. There is also a souvenir shop inside that offers locally produced gifts. The views of the surrounding farmland and Mount Yotei are beautiful and make for some great photo opportunities.


77-10 Motomachi Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture 048-1544

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