Niseko Gourmet

Niseko Gourmet located is a rich resource for Japanese cooking enthusiasts in Kutchan Town provides Japanese cooking classes


Hanazono 308

Hanazono 308 is such a fun hub of activity as a ski-in, ski-out cafe with its Japanese and Western menu, live music, fabulous coffees and Happy Hours in the Hanazono Resor


Tsuruha Drug

Tsuruha Drug is a dependable pharmaceutical with a full selection of supplements, cosmetics and day to day products situated alongside Route 5 (National Highway) between Hirafu and Kutchan Town Center

Hirafu Seicomart

Seicomart Hirafu is a busy place as the go-to convenience store of Hirafu located in the center of the Village

Niseko Snowcat Adventure

Niseko Snowcat Adventure provides you with an unforgettable winter sport adventure in search of untouched powder, Niseko snowcat is for you



Ajisai is one of those unique finds where Japanese cuisine in an at-home atmosphere delivers the best, located in the Senshukan Inn in Niseko near Koikawa Onsen and south of the Moiwa Ski Ground


Wagyu Dining Sou

Wagyu Dining Sou is a Japanese Restaurant specializing in hot-pot dishes such as sukiyaki, shabushabu and kimuchi nabe., locateted in Hirafu lower village.


Koikawa Onsen Ryokan

Koikawa Onsen Ryokan onsen retreat delivers a truly Japanese hot springs experience making it one of the best in Hokkaido located in Yunosato in Rankoshi, south of Niseko Moiwa Ski Ground. Koikawa Onsen was founded in 1899 and since then has been serving many guests with their rejuvenating baths filled with natural hot springs. Relax in onsen bliss, surrounded by …


Aji no Tokeidai

Aji no Tokeidai is a must-see famous Hokkaido Ramen restaurant chain next to Kutchan Station where you’ve got to try the Hotate Butter Corn Ramen


Kutchan Natural History Museum

The Kutchan Natural History Museum is the only local museum that showcases the nature, lives and culture of olden days in Kutchan Town and surrounding areas with a unique way to exhibit their collections