Restaurant Yo

Restaurant Yo located at the Hurry Slowly Condominium in the Lower Hirafu Village is considered one of the best traditional Japanese restaurants in the Hirafu ski resort region with a wonderfully relaxed ambience. Yo specializes in Japanese cuisine with a fabulous chef who always had a desire to serve great meals for general public visitors as well as the establishments’ guests. His dream became a reality eight years ago and since then they have been serving meals to thankful customers.What a great relaxing dining atmosphere for folks who have been out on the slopes all day! A must-see is their unique Irori (Japanese fireplace) table available for groups of up to 12 offering a special Japanese experience. Children under 10 may not be seated in the Irori eating area. A great five dinner course meal awaits you – steak, fish, shabu-shabu, vegetable and irori. A Sashimi (raw fish) course is available as well as a vegetarian course. Irori course starts with an appetizer of three small dishes, following with  main dishes of curry flavored hot pot (nabe), crispy bacon salad with avocado, sashimi, charcoal grilled Japanese BBQ and cold soba noodles, finishing with an ice cream dessert. To provide the best hospitality, booking is essential and may be made up to 30 days prior to your dining date. Confirmation will need to be made three days prior to the booking date if the original booking is made one week or longer prior to the date of your dining, otherwise your booking might be cancelled. When booking, you will need to provide your name, number of customers, your course, and your accommodation. Free pickup to the restaurant is available however you must notify the booking desk when making reservations. It takes about five minutes walk down the hill from the Hirafu Main Intersection (opposite way to Grand Hirafu).


155-416 Aza Yamada, Kutchan Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0081

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