The current undisputed king of shopping in Niseko is this Seicomart convenience store located directly in the center of downtown Hirafu. It’s central location just downhill from the ski slopes and on the corner of the main street makes it, as the name implies, the most convenient location in the village to get supplies for a meal back at your hotel or apartment. Seicomart is a chain of convenience stores originating in Hokkaido, and the food selection and pricing reflects the local market. In general prices here are cheaper than other convenience store chains in Japan, and there are a variety of local items. Items in stock include a good selection of canned and bottled beer, imported and domestic wines, hard alcohol, dry goods such as ramen noodles, potato chips, crackers, etc., and fresh food items such as bread, vegetables and cheeses. There are no supermarkets in the Hirafu area, so this and the Lawson convenience store down the road are the only places to get raw food preparation items for cooking at home. For that reason this Seicomart stocks more fresh food items than most other locations throughout Hokkaido. The staff generally speak only limited English, and most labels are in Japanese, so be prepared for lots of guesswork, gesturing, and a few surprises amongst your purchases. The adventurous should try some of the selections from the “otsumame” section, which are various traditional Japanese snacks such as dried squid meant to be eaten together with alcohol. There are also hot water servers for those that would like to warm up with a cup of instant ramen noodles in the parking lot, and the staff can heat up some items for you in their microwave.


Hokkaidō, Abuta-gun, Kutchan-chō, Yamada, 190 044-0081

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