The Niseko Supply Company at Odin

The main street in Hirafu is a busy place, and it seems like new businesses are constantly starting up, growing too big for the small spaces available here, and moving off somewhere else. Not necessarily a bad thing, and it means that there are always new places to check out every winter and summer season. One of the new shops to open up this year is the Niseko Sourcing Company. Taking over the old A-Bu-Cha 1 space (which moved up the hill to A-Bu-Cha 2) at Odin. They’ve opened up a nice little corner cafe that serves a pretty hearty breakfast and some famously good crepes for lunch. For reasons I’m unaware of (perhaps someone can tell us in the comments), they don’t serve crepes for breakfast but rather lunch. I always thought crepes were a breakfast thing, but hey, they’re just as delicious at any time of day so no worries. The decor is old-school Hokkaido, wood floors tables and chairs, and a definite ‘rustic’ feel. Good place to come in to right off the slopes. Word on the street is that the property is slated for redevelopment at some point in the near future, but I’m sure they’ll let us know the location of their new home in the comments if they move. Being right on the main corner they can get pretty busy sometimes, so you may have to squeeze in next to another group at the long table. Expect to get friendly with the other patrons. In the slower seasons it’s a good place to relax over a cup of coffee with a few friends and watch the intermittent traffic on Hirafu’s main road as you discuss that morning’s sweet powder… or rafting… or hike…


190-13 Yamada, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0081

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