Wagyu Dining Sou

Wagyu Dining Sou is a Japanese Restaurant specializing in hot-pot dishes such as sukiyaki, shabushabu and kimuchi nabe, located in Hirafu lower village. Dining Sou was started 5 years ago by Atsuyo and Kazumasa Murakami which is located next to Pension Mo’orea. Atsuyo’s parents opened the pension 25 years ago, and with a background of rich heritage this dining establishment offers us an authentic hands-on hot-pot experience! The ingredients you choose for your dish are brought to the table, where you cook them on your own stove. Their hot-pot dishes are made from carefully selected Wagyu beef and special soup stock. Sukiyaki and Shabushabu are popular traveler favorites. Don’t miss the fruit vinegar salad dressing, delicious and healthy. This quaint little establishment has limited seating and open only in winter season, from the middle of Dec. to Mar. end. Price per person; 3000 yen Wagyu Dining Sou is located next to pension Mo’orea in Hirafu lower village is 10mins by taxi from JR Kutchan station.


170-205, Yamada, Kuchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido

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